• Custom Applique

    Custom Applique

    Custom Applique flags are our specialty. Talented employees hand-craft each flag with care and attention to detail. We can sew virtually any logo on any size, shape, or background.
  • Custom Vinyl

    Custom Vinyl

    Vinyl is an excellent choice for intricate designs and photo quality detail. This state of the art process creates exquisite banners at an affordable price. Sizes go up to 5 x 20 ft.
  • Installations


    Support your team, your country, or your cause at your local business or residence! Find out about getting a Flag Pole installed!
  • United States Flags

    United States Flags

    Whether you support the stars and stripes inside, outside, in your office, at school or outside of your home or business we have you covered!
  • Meet the National Flag Team

    Meet the National Flag Team

    Our employee average of flag making experience is 17 years! We are proud to have such a wonderful staff and we want you to meet them too! Haven't you wanted to know who makes your flags?
Custom Stick Flags

Custom Stick Flags

Custom Muslin Stick Flags are a great way to show support for your organization or business, promote an event, or remember a cause.  Your design will be cast onto a plate and printed in our factory on our 100 + year old printing press.  Sizes come in 4 x 6 in. up to 12 x 18 in.Read More →

Nation Flags

Nation Flags

Whether you want to show pride in your German heritage, support Team Mexico in the World Cup, or just show how happy you are that March 17th has arrived with an Irish flag; the National Flag Company has you covered! With over 200 different nations to choose from, either sewn or printed, we are confident that we have the flag to show pride in your country, team, heritage, or event!Read More →

State Flags

State Flags

We offer a full line of U.S.  states and territories. Our most popular flags are Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Texas.  Prices are based on the level of difficulty of the design.  State Flags also come in 4 x 6 in. either mounted on black plastic dowel with spear top or on a plain dowel.  Call for a quote!Read More →

Learn About Us

Learn About Us

In 1869, Walton Craig Sr. and Englishman Frederick Spencer started Spencer & Craig Printing Works in Cincinnati, Ohio.  By 1894 flags became their best seller, so they renamed the company The National Flag Company.  Over 140 years later, that same company exists in the heart of Cincinnati and still produces the highest quality flags and banners!Read More →